Details about YouTube CPM Work

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We are giving you some detailed information about CPM, more simply CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impression. That is, the amount that an advertiser is willing to pay to display his ad 1000 times is called CPM. If an advertiser pays his ad at the rate of 2.00$/CPM it means that the advertiser will pay 2$ for every 1000 views of his ad, now we will know more about CPM in depth, generally to earn from YouTube we use CPM and Working to know a little deeper about it, by viewing ads or clicking ads we are doing illegal CPM work according to google law, if I give you a clear example to tell you, there is a certain amount of punishment for every wrong work, which according to google law if They can catch you, anytime they can ban your account for life, that's their punishment, if your wrongdoing is very small, they can ban your account for 30 days, and you have to do nothing. No it will fix itself after 30 days, the reason for doing this is that the punishments are given so that you don't make the same mistake again, and when you make a serious mistake, your The account will be closed for life, if you agree to these terms and conditions and work with us, we hope you will not have any problems with us regarding these issues.

If you work with us, A66Z will not be responsible for any action against you or may terminate your account at any time according to Google's law, you fully agree, but we will try to update as much as necessary from time to time. To be updated, and how to save your accounts, we will always try to do things well and teach you how to take care of your accounts, but in one word, since this is CPM WORK 99 percent ricks, if you have confidence in yourself And if you want to work with our help, you can do it with 99 percent ricks, but some tips to keep your accounts good, which we will teach you, if you can accept the above conditions, then only work with us, so if someone with this percentage of ricks If you want money back by working, then only register on our website and purchase method from us, which is completely your own knowledge. do it slowly

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