How To Make Money from YouTube | How to Start YouTube?


How To Make Money from YouTube | How to Start YouTube?

How To Make Money from YouTube | How to Start YouTube?

YouTube is a video watching platform.  We usually go to YouTube to enjoy watching videos but there are many who are earnig dollar every month by uploading videos on this platform.  Now there are many people who are earning thousands of dollars by uploading videos on YouTube without any job.

How to Make Money from YouTube and How to Start YouTube?

The good thing about this is that it is a passive income route because as long as you watch YouTube videos you will have income.  However, if you want to earn money from your channel, then your channel should be big and have quality content or videos.  But if you do not know about YouTube, then today's article came in handy for you. Today I will talk to you about YouTube and YouTube income.

The first question that comes to everyone's mind is that how much does YouTube pay per view?  YouTube doesn't really pay any money per view.  If your video has been viewed thousands of times, YouTube will not pay you.  So how is the income on YouTube.  You must have noticed that you can see various ads in the middle of YouTube videos.  There is income on YouTube through this advertisement.  Yes, if your YouTube channel has Google AdSense monetization turned on, your YouTube channel will show ads in the middle of the video.  YouTube will basically pay you by calculating it.

And if you want to earn income by showing ads in your channel like this then you must have Google Adsense on your channel.  Google Adsense is basically a platform for youtubers and bloggers where youtubers and bloggers can show ads on their content by becoming a member.  However, if you want to add your channel to Google AdSense, you have to fulfill certain conditions.  First of all you should have your own channel and the videos uploaded there should be created by you.

Secondly, the video quality of your channel should be perfect and your channel should have four thousand subscribers and ten thousand minutes of viewing time.  Once these conditions are met, your channel will be ready to serve Google AdSense ads.  There are many other ad networks apart from Google Adsense but Google Adsense is the most popular and hassle free and honest advertising network there is no fear of losing money here.

Apart from this, another way to earn income from YouTube channel is CPA marketing.  CPA marketing is the act of signing up on a web site or collecting e-mails etc.  There are various markets to take the offer of CPA marketing.  Now if you tell about these offers to the viewers who come to watch the video on your YouTube channel and if they take the offer from here then you will get commission.  Although marketing CPA through YouTube channel is a matter of many strategies, the income is more than Google Adsense.

But if you want to do CPA marketing through your videos then you have to create English content.  If you want, you can also sell affiliate marketing or products through your channel.  If you don't have your product then no problem because many e-commerce sites here in Bangladesh and abroad have affiliate partners to sell their products which means you will sell the product on their behalf and they will give you a commission  Will give

If you don't like these, there is another way.  Earning through sponsorship means that you take advertisement directly from the person who wants to promote the advertisement, you promote it through your YouTube channel and in return you take money from him.  Out of all the methods I have told so far, the easiest way to earn money from Google Adsense is to increase your channel for sponsorship, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing.

Well, everyone got it, but I will make a video of any topic on YouTube.  If you have the mood to invest, you can create short-films, plays or blogs with good cameras and good quality tools.  Also, if you like a topic, you can upload a tutorial video on that topic to YouTube.  You can also upload comedy videos, motivational videos etc. to YouTube.

If you can make a good cartoon video, you can make a cartoon video and upload it.  Again, you can share tips on a variety of topics with people on YouTube.  You can sing good songs and upload them to YouTube.  If you go to YouTube, you will find thousands of such categories on YouTube. You can choose the category of your choice and start making videos on that topic.

You will find thousands of paid and free video editing software for computer and if you do not have computer then you can edit video from mobile.  You can use Can Master app to edit videos from mobile.  There are many other apps out there, but the Can Master app is the most popular.

But yes, despite all this, many people are not able to succeed from YouTube because success on YouTube does not come a day.  If you want to be successful with YouTube, you have to stay on this platform for a certain period of time and upload regular content.  If the quality of your content is perfect then millions of views and millions of subscribers will come in a day.

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