How Do You Start Preparing for Civil Engineering Jobs?


How Do You Start Preparing for Civil Engineering Jobs?

How Do You Start Preparing for Civil Engineering Jobs?

First of all, government job is a test of patience, you will see many loved ones getting jobs, dear time, is going on, many people will get familiar with it, many people will say different things like son uncle passed Didn't, didn't study in good department, diploma at home etc. Mom has pins, although there will be exceptions. Your motivation is enough to get you your job, your biggest asset, no matter what kind of student you were in college. Many people think that if I am private polytechnic or student at the end of class, then the marks are less then the front one will get first and then you, it is totally wrong. Basically, getting a job is easier for those who prepare more cleanly, and girls are more likely to get a job if they clear the written test.

How Do You Start Preparing for Civil Engineering Jobs?
How Do You Start Preparing for Civil Engineering Jobs?

For preparation you need to allocate some specific time in the day that you have to give your full attention to the book from all kinds of tools, be it 30 minutes or more, remember your work is yours, your life is yours And be selfish to focus here. Avoid wasting time unnecessarily. Take a few months to notice who you're hanging out with, wasting time, making friends, etc. If this is what it is now 5 years later, avoid it, get the job as much as you expect, the level of hard work will increase that much, luckily after viber work not before, remember you don't get a job by applying Yes, studies get jobs, you can't get jobs without money, you can't get jobs, you don't know English, you don't know Bengali literature, you don't know department scores, these reasons will break your mind. So, when you hear these things, it will be nice to smile because you have entered the fray to win these things.

Focus on the most important thing:

It is very important to know whether the recruitment is going on now or for which recruitment you have applied, which organization or ministry will give the exam and what type of question is there. Knowing the question pattern and format will make you a smart test taker. collect the original book as soon as possible or collect the technical or the book in which all the departments are given in detail, the technique, the comfort, the beauty, the best were mine, i used to remember from the book which i found easy, but the original book was the original Yes, the original book is for everyone who works. This may not be possible so buy some more guides.

How to read:

Read theory first, finish easy first because easy match is 100% so the sooner you finish easy the more % you finish. Construction Process 1,2,3 First read these three topics then assess 1,2,3, Transport 1,2 etc. Start doing whatever you like in your energy, don't calculate at first. You will feel very helpless when you can't do that, so do maths later, the questions which were important in college are still important, so read the questions coming in many years, remember it is not a day , Five-day or 1 month preparation, when will it end or how will it end? etc. read slowly for 2-3 months then you will see all the revisions in 1 day you can finish theory as well as easy maths it will be another good thing to say that group study can end your loneliness Works like a medicine to do or update or learn maths, so those who are preparing for the job start by setting it to their liking. Before posting a bad type in the group, check the book or old post, if you do not find it, then post it in the group, then your self-respect will be fine.

What are the career options during engineering studies?

Even today there is a great tendency to read about science. And the main reason to study science is to fulfill the dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer. Sometimes we also do engineering studies, but then we do not get much success in that. I cannot progress like this in my career. There is only one reason for this. That is, we do not know the right way. I really don't know in which direction you can make your career after studying engineering. So today is the chance to make a career by studying engineering.

1. Career in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a huge field in engineering. Civil engineers are in high demand not only in the construction industry, but also in business, finance and marketing. Construction, new technology of construction, new innovation while doing that technology, civil engineers have a lot of opportunities with all this. And construction means that the safety side has to be looked at directly. So there is a lot of responsibility.

Civil engineering is divided into two main branches, consulting civil engineering and contracting civil engineering. In the case of consulting, you may only be at the stage of designing a project. And on the other hand, in case of a contractual person, it is like implementing the design or blueprint, facing various hurdles and working in the field.

2. Career in chemical engineering field

Another specialty in the field of engineering is the field of chemical engineering. If you are interested in chemistry, and if you are interested in solving mathematical problems, you can choose this field. Turn from small things into everyday necessities but that's what engineering teaches. So this science can be useful in food processing technology or waste water technology. Also, study chemical engineering but you can also make a career from the other side. That is, one can become a product or process development scientist, that is, do research on the processing of various things.

3. Career in Mechanical Engineering

There is a huge field in the field of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering not only contributes to the manufacturing of a product, but also contributes to the improvement or development of that product. So this skill can be shown in big companies. There is a lot of demand in the manufacturing sector now.

4. Aeronautical Engineering

Not that anyone around is reading about it. Means as compared to above sections of engineering. But if you read this category then there are many chances. Although it is convenient to come here if you study mechanical engineering, but you can also come here if you study computer science or electronic engineering. Basically, this science helps to look at the design of aircraft, warplanes, even weapons or airplanes, satellites and eliminate complications. And most importantly quite interesting.

5. Technical Writer

A little surprised to hear that. Read and Rewrite Engineering! But it can also be a beautiful profession. There are many products in today's globalized market. In order to sell them, it is very important to present them in front of the people. You have to use your knowledge to convince people about a product. Not a bad thing though.

6. M. Tech. Maybe

By the way, engineering studies means that after completing the course, one can get a job through placement, but if you want to study further then M.Tech. For that one has to clear GATE or General Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE). Then more opportunities open up for the next job.

7. MBA can be

If you do not want to become an engineer after studying engineering, but dream of becoming something else, then do MBA. Do it With just a little difficulty you have to clear 'CAT' or Common Admission Test (CAT). Only then will you get to see such a fusion of knowledge and education in less cases. According to CAT Result 2016, most of the passers have studied engineering. Why are you left out!

So now is the time to fulfill your dream of becoming an engineer. But our helping hand kept moving forward.

you can study civil engineering:

Jobs are available, but suitably trained candidates are not available. It is natural to be surprised to hear such a thing nowadays. This is what is happening in civil engineering studies. The oldest engineering in the world is called Civil Engineering or Purskills.

Civil engineers plan, design, build and maintain high-rise buildings, highway bridges, water projects, power plants, etc. Civil engineers do survey work, provide technical reports and even work as project managers. Apart from this, there are employment opportunities in various construction companies outside the country.

Currently there are opportunities to study civil engineering in various public and private universities. International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) is one of the private universities. Former Professor of Dhaka University and former Director of IBA. M Alimulya Mian is the founder of this university. Prof. Dr. Abdur Rab, Vice Chancellor of IUBATA said that the demand for skilled and experienced civil engineers will continue to grow in the highways that Bangladesh has taken up for development. The syllabus of Civil Engineering at IUBAT is structured in such a way that students are able to acquire practical skills along with technical knowledge.

Facilities: IUBAT has a permanent campus. The university has financial support through credit transfers, scholarships, grants, salary waivers, educational employment and education loans. Free transportation is available from the city center by the university's own bus. Apart from this merit based tuition fee scholarship is also available.

Professor Dr. Monirul Islam, Dean, Department of Civil Engineering, IUBAT said that all students interested in pursuing engineering studies should check whether the concerned department of the university has IEB affiliation or not.

Credit Transfer: This university has credit transfer agreements with several universities in Europe, Canada, Australia, South, Southeast Asia and China. IUBAT graduates can pursue higher education at universities in any country in the world.

Entrance Qualification: HSC (Science) or equivalent. Minimum GPA 2.00 or second class. OR Diploma in Civil Engineering (under Bangladesh Board of Technical Education) with a minimum GPA of 2.25.

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